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Patient Testimonials

"After two separate falls on concrete, I injured both shoulders resulting in nerve damage. On my first Chiropractic visit an x-ray also showed loss of a normal forward curve in the neck. Treatments by Dr. Walton have gradually corrected the nerve damage and a marked improvement in the neck curvature is now noticeable in an x-ray. A 20 year old injury that resulted in a loss of neck motion has been corrected, and the arthritic problems in my feet are not bothering me. I have noticed a reduction in seasonal allergy problems. I also appreciate the good nutritional suggestions."

Marjorie B.

Springfield, OR

"I was injured while serving in the Army and being deployed to Iraq. I ran over a bomb on my wife's birthday. After this happened one of the problems I started to experience was lower back pain and nerve pain all the way down my left leg. I underwent a back surgery at Walter Reed Medical Center and ended up in more pain and less mobility then before the surgery. I had become depressed and desperate for any relief. Dr. Walton started seeing me through his Veteran's Program. After one year of treatment I have my life back. My pain will never be gone, but it is no longer constant and intense. Dr. Walton changed my life and opened my mind up to the benefits of Chiropractic and natural healing."

Mark L.

Eugene, OR

"For years I have had low back and leg pain from a knee and hip replacement that went wrong. I could not walk from the car to the mall and now I can walk all around the mall with my wife. Good news bad news. What I also like is Dr. Walton helps you make lifestyle changes that help you have more energy and live longer if you do the things he suggests. I swim now 3 days a week and have lost 25 pounds because he cares about your whole being not just the pain."

Bob D.

Creswell, OR

"Due to many years of pain and discomfort from a back condition, I was referred to Island Park Chiropractic by a friend. With the doctor's manipulations and constant encouragement, I recently was able to take a long bus trip and not suffer from sitting so long a time. Thank you!"

Vel S.

Springfield, OR

"After rotary cuff tears on both shoulders and surgery on the right arm, Eugene's top surgeons told me they could do nothing to help me. Determined that I needed my arms, I searched for help. Dr. Walton said he was sure he could help. Treatments three days a week for a year, now once a week, I can touch the top of my head in the back, drive my car, and carry in my groceries. He was the answer to my prayers. "I'm free again.""

Maxine P.

Springfield, OR

"After years of neck pain and not being able to turn my head very far I finally conceded to see Dr. Walton. I did not like Chiropractors. Now I am able to turn enough to see over the back while driving, and not in pain. It is also becoming easier to breathe, I am not gasping for air nearly as much. Thank you Dr. Walton."

Pat C.

Dorena, OR

"After having injured my back at work, I immediately went to my Chiropractor, Dr. Rod Walton, who gave me immediate treatment at Walton Chiropractic.

I did not want drug therapy and was very glad I followed his advice and care plan. I recovered more quickly and now enjoy better mobility without pain and without unnecessary drugs (which can have unwanted side effects!)

I am glad to say that my treatments have made all the difference in the world in my recover!"

Mary D.

Springfield, OR

"In thinking back, I was in a car wreck when I was 11 years old. I had left leg pain and weakness while I was in miliatry service. I have gone to a number of doctors and Chiropractors. This is the first time that I feel I am getting down to the bottom of my problems by Dr. Walton. I am now 83 years old and feel the best I have in all my life."


Springfield, OR

"Nearing my 85th birthday, I decided I would just have to put up with a painful neck and rounded shoulder. It seemed that my spine was frozen and it hurt too much to straighten up. Friends urged me to see their Chiropractor for help. After having adjustments to my spine and neck therapy, I once again enjoy flexibility without pain. I can stand up straight with my shoulders back and enjoy sitting in my new char, which helps me sit in a good position."

Rena W.

Springfield, OR

"For years I was having problems with my lower back and neck. I had trouble turning my head without turning my whole body. I also felt my body was starting to feel bent over.

Now after having treatments i have not had a problem with my back and I'm able to turn my neck without a problem. I now feel that I am walking with a very straight back. I fell I have gained a lot of strength and energy - I feel years younger. I owe all this and more to Dr. Walton at Walton Chiropractic. Thank you so much!"

Karen B.

Springfield, OR

"My wife and I started with Dr. Walton at Walton Chiropractic after seeing an ad in the newspaper. We decided to have Chiropractic treatments.

I feel much better now after about two months of treatments."

Allan L.

Pleasant Hill, OR

"As a building contractor, I put my body through much physical stress and pain. I suffered from occasional back spasms, which were quite painful and irritating. I started seeing Dr. Walton and he diagnosed what a lot of my problem was. Through frequent adjustments and an eye on my diet, I have only had one spasm in over a year, none recently. I hesitated going to a Chiropractor, because of an earlier bad experience, but my wife encouraged me to go and I'm truly thankful for the treatment I have received from Dr. Walton."

Alva B

Springfield, OR

"As a Carpenter and General Contractor for 25 years, I have experienced several back, neck and shoulder injuries, I always assumed muscles were the main nature of my pain and used muscle relaxers and Aspirin to alleviate the symptoms. Since coming to Walton Chiropractic, I have not only been given great care and treatment for my pain, but I have been given comprehensive education regarding the whole body: water, nutrition, body mechanics and supplements just to make a few of the consistent approaches to whole body healing.

I am, at 53 years old, in the best, pain-free condition of my life. I owe at least half of the results to Dr. Walton. The other half to me for listening to good advice."

Steve A.

Eugene, OR

"I had problems with my right knee and could not walk without a limp. My energy and stamina were very low. It was difficult for me to exercise or walk any distance without becoming very tired. Right from my first chiropractic visit I noticed improvement.

Now every morning it is easy to get up and embrace the day. My walking has improved, I am able to once again to do aerobic exercise without stopping. My energy has improved dramatically as well as my strength. It is nice to be able to touch my toes once again. Friends and family have noticed how much better I walk and get up and down. I tell everyone who will listen how much Chiropractic has helped me. Every visit is a learning experience for me in both mind and body.

It is such a pleasure to visit Dr. Rod at Walton Chiropractic. Everyone is up beat, efficient and interested in every patient. I leave the office feeling better both physically and emotionally, feeling cared about as an individual."

Ann D

Creswell, OR

"I would like to say thanks so much to Dr. Rod Walton of Walton Chiropractic and The Spinal Decompression Center in Springfield. Other doctors and physical therapists tried to help me with hip and leg pain caused by my sciatic nerve and it just didn't work. They also tried to help me with my neck problem, which caused me to have throbbing headaches, and an upset stomach. I saw no results until I starting receiving adjustments from Dr. Walton. He has taken my pain away and when I feel pain starting to come back, I just see him more often. Thank you Dr. Walton!"

Ann S

Springfield, OR

"I am able to do more activities with a lot less pain with weekly adjustments. I was so out of alignment when I first came to Dr. Walton's office due to no chiropractic care for approximately 15 years. I have triple scoliosis and pelvic asymmetry due to a critical car accident. I also have neck subluxations and disease from polio and lack of chiropractic care for so many years. It took 3 adjustments each week for a year, 2 adjustments each week for at least 6 more months to get to the point I'm at now - relatively good mobility and lower pain levels. It's worth the process to feel this good."

Barbara B.

Eugene, OR

"When I first started seeing Dr. Walton at Walton Chiropractic about 2 years ago, I could not walk up the stairs to his office. I had to pull myself up the ramp using the handrail, and walking more than about 50 feet was extremely painful. I had Sciatica down the back of my left leg and had trouble sitting for long periods, which was a problem for me since I work on computers while sitting at a desk all day. While treating me for these issues, he also discovered that the lack of curve in my neck was severe and he also began to work on that. I began having issues with Carpal Tunnel with my left wrist that appear to have been cleared up through his treatment alone without surgery. Between Dr. Walton's treatments over the last 2 years as well as losing 150 pounds, I am now able to comfortably walk over a mile a day and have no issues working sitting down. I am grateful for his care and the fact that all of this was possible without any medication or surgery (except for the weight loss). Thanks,"

Carl D.

Springfield, OR

"To all those desiring a rich and fulfilling life!

I had a short left leg, twisted hips, and a rapidly developing hump on my upper back. I was always in serious pain in my lower back, scapula areas, and my upper back and neck were always tense and ridged. Frequently, my lower back would spasm and cause me to lay still for many hours. My muscles never turned off, I was beginning to live with chronic pain. Also, at age 22 I became highly allergic to animal hairs and fine dusts. Now I am 31.

I started treatments with Dr. Rod. Within 2 weeks I began feeling better. Now it's been nearly 2 years. My legs are even, my hips are no longer twisted, the hump in my back is gone, and the natural curve in my neck is almost completely back to normal. I no longer live with chronic pain and am no longer allergic to animals and dust. Dr. Rod said I would most likely no longer have allergic reactions to animals once we got my natural back and neck curves in alignment. He was right! Actually, after about 8 months of going to my scheduled visits every week, I no longer had the allergies.

I know many others who have undergone care with Dr. Rod. They have also experienced great healing benefits from following the treatment plan Dr. Rod lays out for you.

To anyone experiencing a spine and the flow of life's energy through it."

"I recommend a healthy and effective fitness program, lots of organic fruits, vegetables, and meats, and all the chiropractic visits necessary to get and maintain your spinal health. Do your research, and you will discover a healthy spine makes for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. All the necessary components to living the rich and fulfilling life we all desire and strive for."

Cary P.

Eugene, OR

"I have thoroughly been impressed with my chiropractic care. For years I have had a spot in my back that no one was able to move. It caused nausea, aches and various other problems, but Dr. Walton was the first chiropractor that I have felt treat my problems and not just the symptoms of where it hurts. My neck and other things actually were causing the problem of the vertebrae in my back going in. Also the information discussed during sessions makes me really enjoy the treatments. Some of the things I've learned weren't even during my session; it was overhearing someone else's conversation. It has been such a great experience. Dr. Walton and his staff make me feel as though I matter and not just my presence being a way to make a living. Also, the interest in my other family members, who referred me, when they haven't been in, in a while, is refreshing. I am so much better than I was. My disc trouble is so much better that my lower back rarely gives me any trouble. It has even made me feel like losing some more weight."

Charlene N.

Springfield, OR

"Several years ago I had two serious falls several months apart, each time I fell on concrete. I was badly bruised as a result but there were no broken bones. I attribute those falls to the pain I started having shortly thereafter. About a year ago I had severe pain in my right leg and I was in great pain and could hardly walk. I saw a medical doctor in emergency and got his opinion. I was referred to an orthopedic specialist and got his opinion. I then returned to my primary care doctor and between the three doctors I had x-rays of my knee and hip, an ultrasound and a MRI. The doctors did not agree in their findings and I was basically told to live with the pain. I was using a cane to help me walk. My leg was very bad, especially when I would try to get out of a chair or out of bed or getting in or out of the car.

I had a friend tell me that she had leg problems too and that she went to Dr. Walton, a Chiropractor, for spinal decompression therapy treatments and that they had helped her tremendously. I started going to Dr. Walton four months ago, three times a week. Today I'm walking without a cane and without pain. I'm 90% better. I'm grateful to him for all he has done for me and the advice he has given me on living a healthy life. It is working and I am healthier and happier than I have been in a long time."

Glenn C.

Springfield, OR

"I had not been able to walk any distance before I started, first with the DRX9000 and Chiropractic treatments at The Spinal Decompression Center. I had previously gone to another Chiropractor for some time and quit taking treatments from her because they just didn't produce results.

I am very happy with Dr. Walton's work."

Inez L.

Springfield OR

"After two accidents in one year, my posture began to deteriorate and with it, my lung capacity. Fibromyalgia set in and I was racked with pain. I started having memory problems and had to stop all exercise.

Now after chiropractic treatments under Dr Rods care, I'm returning to a vibrant, healthy, pain free active life. Thank you, Dr. Walton for your continued education and care."


Springfield, OR

"My health was given back to me from Chiropractic care after waking in ICU after three days of being unconscious. It's not really important the story that got me here, but the benefit is in the restoration of my conscious connection to my total being and health. In understanding what will bring me a pain free existence (nothing) but give me comfort in the day to day bumps, twists and unexpected falls. Being brought back to that place of balance is the greatest thing I've gotten from Walton Chiropractic! This was all done just to say thank you."

James J.

Eugene, OR

"I began seeking chiropractic help after I had a change in migraines that involved my vision, as well as a new kind of headache that recurred daily, multiple gripping headaches all day long.

Since receiving chiropractic care, I don't have the daily headaches, they haven't recurred at all, the migraines seem to be gone as well.

I also had strange sounds in my right ear, buzzing, ocean sounds and other sounds in many variations and pitches. I no longer hear the sounds.

I am really thankful for the changes that chiropractic care has made in my life. Instead of dreading the start of a new day, I look forward to every day!"

Janet B.
Springfield, OR

"Si! My everyday life experience is a blessing. For many reasons, but one of the most impactful experience is the chiropractic care I receive at Walton Chiropractic.

As we know it's not just one change that can be made that fixes everything. I made choices to improve my diet, my exercise and stretching. All the above plus Chiropractic care has given my life a balance."

Jay B.

Eugene, OR

"Since coming to Walton Chiropractic I relax better now and I can get more done. When I have sore muscles and they relax after my treatments. Also my back relaxes and I sleep better."

Lois H.

Walterville, OR

"Dr. Rod Walton has been adjusting my spine since June of 2004. In the spring of 2005 I realized that I no longer had to take medications for asthma. I had been on asthma meds since the summer of 1968, following the Hong Kong flu.

What a wonderful unexpected bonus. Thank you, Dr. Rod,"

Mary B.

Eugene, OR

"We, my husband and I, have steadily attended treatments at Walton Chiropractic three times a week.

I no longer walk with a humped upper back which has been gradually improved because of the treatments by Dr. Walton.

Almost daily Dr. Walton had improved my back and the pain I always had.

I am now able to walk indoors and out in our garden without constant pain. I am very pleased and thankful to walk without pain and I appreciate the treatments."

Naomi L.

Pleasant Hill, OR

"I have been to see Dr. Walton at the Spinal Decompression Center 8 times as of today, so far the experience has been good. I see some improvement in my back and am looking forward to being able to walk a distance and stand longer without pain in my lower back. I have bees seen by chiropractors for over a year and have had no results until now.

I would recommend using the spinal decompression machine for anyone who has lower back problems and wants to have a better life. I am talking about the DRX 9000."

Pauline V.

Springfield, OR

"Nearing my 85th birthday, I decided I would just have to put up with a painful neck and rounded shoulders. It seems that my spine was frozen and it hurt too much to straighten up.

Friends urged me to see their Chiropractor for help. After having adjustments to my spine and neck therapy, I once again enjoy flexibility without pain. I can stand up straight with my shoulders back and enjoy sitting in my new chair, which helps me sit in a good position."

Rena W.

Eugene, OR

"For the past year, my legs, hips and feet progressively began to hurt so badly that I thought I had M.S. or some other disease. I felt like I was going paralyzed. My daily exercise routine became very difficult. My active life became something I had to push myself to accomplish, even small tasks. Over the past 3 months using treatments and lifts at Walton Chiropractic for my left leg, I have become almost pain free and unlimited in my activity. Being diagnosed with my left leg being significantly shorter than my right, has explained much of the problems I have had through my life. I am feeling confident that my treatments and diagnosis will continue to help improve my future."

Rhonda S

Springfield, OR

"I just feel so much better! I tried to get better on my own and wasn't improving at all - then I was referred to Walton Chiropractic by two people who'd used them and couldn't say enough good things about it. I was skeptical. Very skeptical! But I went because I was in constant pain and couldn't stand it any more. I have to say - the difference is unbelievable! I can use my arm and shoulder again and I'm very pleased about that - it's a 100% turn around!

Thank you! The information I got each time I went is also very helpful - I don't mind saying I learned a lot about how to help myself be healthier."

Sharla T

Eugene, OR

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