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Accident Alert

According to the Journal of Orthopedic Medicine, Chiropractic is the ONLY proven effective treatment for whiplash injuries.  Not drugs, surgery or physical therapy- only Chiropractic, and this from a medical journal!  The medical community must be catching on because we see more referrals from MD’s than ever before.  Also remember that whiplash does not just cause neck pain.  It is also possible to incur a “lashing” injury to the rest of the spine and the pelvis as well.  If you or someone you know has been in a car wreck or other accident make sure to get an exam and consultation at Walton Chiropractic- your good health depends on it!

What You Need to Know About Auto Accident Injuries…

Many people have misunderstandings regarding the soft tissue and spinal injuries that result after an automobile collision.  Victims of such accidents are often misguided by inadequate treatment programs prescribed by their family or emergency room doctors for these special kinds of injuries resulting in poor healing or prolonged suffering from one or more of the following symptoms after their treatment concludes:

  • Recurring headaches
  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Jaw Pain (TMJ)
  • Numbness, tingling or pain in arms or hands
  • Chronic muscle spasms and tension
  • Low back pain
  • Spinal disc herniation or bulge

If you are a victim of such health problems because of an accident and you think that everything has been done to get rid of the pain and the problem and that you are now one of those poor people who will “just have to learn to live with the pain” then you are the reason I wrote this report.

Whiplash… What is it really?

Whiplash is a general description of how an injury occurs; it is not a condition, disease or even a symptom.  When a person suffers a whiplash type injury it means their body was thrown around in a “whip” like manner causing “lashing” of the joints of the spine.

What Causes a WHIPLASH Type of Injury?

The whiplash injury occurs most frequently in an auto rear-end collision.  When the auto is struck from the rear, its forward speed is accelerated and the passenger’s body is also thrown forward but their head remains stationary or is thrown backwards.  When the body is suddenly thrown in one direction and the head is thrown backward and then forward, it is called a whiplash injury.  This results in hyper-extension (beyond the normal forward bending) of the neck.  A sudden or slamming on the brakes can also result in a whiplash.  Even a collision from the side, throwing the head from side to side, can cause a whiplash type injury to the neck.  A whiplash type injury doesn’t occur only in automobile accidents.  They can also be the result of any sudden change of movement of the body.  This can occur when you step off a curb unware, in strenuous activity, falls, or sports like handball, football, boxing, skiing or even things like amusement park rides and rollercoasters.

Where Does the Damage Occur?

The vast majority of whiplash type injuries cause damage to the neck’s soft tissue, things like the ligaments, tendons, muscles and cause pain producing changes in your spinal vertebral alignment.  This can cause symptoms like pain with or without stiffness in the neck, headache, either right at the time of the whiplash motion of the neck or commonly within the first 24 hours after the accident.  Some people also have persistent numbness and tingling in the arms, hands and fingers or similar sensations between the shoulder blades.

It is not uncommon to experience auditory and visual symptoms such as ringing in the ears, hearing loss and/or dizziness or even pain behind the eyes with blurring of the vision related to the injury.

Some people have no symptoms immediately following an accident and think they are not injured.  Still, they may develop symptoms a few hours, days, weeks or even months after the accident.  This is why getting checked by a doctor who understands soft tissue injury as soon as possible is so very important.

The Symptoms are Just the Signal Something is Wrong; they are not the Problem…

Most all of the symptoms a whiplash injury can create (there are many more than I have space to list above), have at least one thing in common… spinal nerve irritation or compression.  When soft tissues are torn or severely stretched causing spinal vertebrae to become fixated or even just misalign slightly, sensory and motor nerves can become irritated and even damaged.  In chiropractic this has been referred to as the vertebral subluxation complex.  This is a serious biomechanical lesion commonly shortened and just referred to a… “Subluxation”.

The resulting spinal nerve irritation that results from this whole injury complex is one of the most common contributing factors to persistent pain and problems in serious whiplash type injuries and is also one of the most overlooked and untreated factors that your medical doctor or physical therapist will not find.  When nerves are irritated or compressed their vital impulses are altered.  This interfering with your nervous system’s ability to regulate, control and coordinate the function of the internal organs and other body systems leading to improper function of these systems and most commonly, PAIN.

Why MEDICAL TREATMENT Commonly Fails to Fix the Problem…

Correcting the cause is the only way to effectively treat whiplash type injuries.  However, the usual medical treatment is to prescribe muscle relaxers, pain pills, anti-inflammatory drugs and other medications to relieve the pain and related symptoms.  When the drugs fail to correct your condition, physical therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises and sometimes even braces are used with the drugs.  When all that fails to bring satisfactory results many patients undergo potentially unnecessary surgery with all its associated serious risks.  I am not saying that the medical approach at times is not necessary and even lifesaving but remember that ALL medication will have side effects that can be very sever, and surgery is very dangerous and should always be the last resort only after everything else has failed to correct the problem.

CHIROPRACTIC CARE – The “Key” to Soft Tissue Healing and Pain Relief…

Chiropractic is not an extra strength “pain-pill” that only provides temporary relief by blocking the perception of pain, nor is it a treatment specifically for “whiplash.”  Chiropractic is so much more!  Greater numbers of people with “whiplash” pain and symptoms have sought and found relief with chiropractic care because chiropractic care addresses the major cause of spinal nerve irritation that results from “lashing” type injuries.   Chiropractic patients also report higher percentages of patient satisfaction when compared to those who sought care from physical therapists or medical doctors.

Today, because of our stressful lifestyle, poor eating habits, environmental pollution, lack of proper exercise, etc., millions are suffering from subluxations and the resulting spinal nerve irritation that can cause metabolic dysfunction, leading to diseases and pre-mature aging.  Many people live with these problems and may never even know they are “sick” until they have symptoms and in some cases it is too late for complete restoration of their health.  If they had only read this report and had a chiropractic examination the problem would have probably been correctable.

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